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iPhone Games Pack Adventure In Your Pocket This Holiday Weekend

July 1, 2009

iPhone Games Pack Adventure In Your Pocket This Holiday Weekend

Are you going out of town this weekend for some much needed R&R, but dreading the boring airplane or car ride? Make this weekend's journey an adventure with Paramount's Top Gun and Freeverse's Warpack: Grunts for the Apple iPhone. Once you're there, why not send your communication-starved friends and family a virtual postcard of all your Fourth of July fun with Freeverse's Postman for the iPhone?

Top Gun
What better way to show your patriotism than flying through the sky alongside Maverick and Iceman while trying to stay out of the danger zone! Turn that cramped coach seat into your own cockpit as you outmaneuver your enemies and rank among the Top Gun U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School elite.

Warpack: Grunts
If aerial combat is not your style, try your hand at Warpack: Grunts. Venture into the jungle and take charge of a squadron of grunts armed to the brim, and set off on a mission to defeat Evil Dude and his right hand man, General Issimo. As you kill your enemies you'll be able to acquire helicopters, tanks, explosives and sniper rifles to up the ante and add to your arsenal.

Upon arriving at your destination, surprise family and friends with a virtual postcard and bring a bygone vacation tradition into 2009. Make your cousin Susie "wish she was there" by simply snapping a photo, choosing your location and adding a personal message. Postman works with Google Maps as well as social networking tools like FaceBook and Twitter, so your friends can exactly pinpoint your exotic locale!

All apps are available for download now at the iTunes app store.


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