iPhone 6 and iOS 7 reportedly in development, expected to release in mid-2013

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App usage logs may have revealed Apple's work on the next-gen iPhone, presumably the iPhone 6, as well as iOS 7, the next big operating system update for Apple's smartphone and tablet devices. The report comes from The Next Web which claims a developer has showed the site that Apple has been "testing hardware relating to a new 'iPhone6,2' identifier." The report also claims the device was powered with an iOS 7 operating system and is expected to release in mid-2013.

For those a little confused, let me explain. Apple uses unique codes to reference its devices. The iPhone 5, the latest iPhone, for example was referred to by Apple as the iPhone5,1 or iPhone 5,2 depending on the variant. The iPhone 4S was referred to as the iPhone 4,1, and the iPhone 4 was the iPhone 3,1. These device names typically show up in the code when the associated device is used to browse the web. According to Information Week, Apple's internal naming scheme was unintentionally revealed from server logs years ago.

So what can we deduce from this? It likely means that early builds of the next-generation iPhone are begins used by Apple engineers for testing. Given that it was server logs and an IP address from Apple's Cupertino campus, it was likely they were testing the device's web browsing capability. But it also means a new iPhone is probably in the works; of course, given Apple's track record you could've probably guessed this would be the case without the leak.

Unfortunately, the server logs or app usage logs don't reveal anything about the new iPhone in terms of design or features, but Apple fans can probably start scrounging up change to pay for the next upgrade. Sources have indicated that Apple began work on the new version of iOS 7 in late 2012 and will finalize its features soon. 

As previously mentioned, the sources also expect a mid-2013 release for the iPhone 6 and iOS 7. A summer release falls in line with Apple's release method for the first few iPhone generations, but lately Apple has shifted its iPhone release to later in the year. The iPhone 4S launched in October 2011, while the latest iPhone 5 was released in September 2012.

It's likely, however, that the source could be referring to a planned reveal. Apple typically hosts its Worldwide Developer's conference in June. The event, which is typically held in San Francisco, reveals the latest Apple products. Last year's conference saw the unveiling of iOS 6.

Could we see the grand unveiling of the iPhone 6 and iOS 7 in June during the WWDC? More importantly, are you even ready for a new iPhone? 

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