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iPhone 5 available for Cricket users, just a week later


For those old school and more conventional data plan iPhone users, don’t worry, you’ll get your iPhone 5 on September 21st amongst your other old school and more conventional data plan friends.  If this isn’t you though, and you choose the prepaid style of phone coverage for iPhone, Cricket has your back.  Unfortunately, Cricket users won’t get their phones until September 28th.   

Cricket is the first prepaid carrier to announce service for the iPhone 5.  There will surely be others but I assume they will have to wait that extra week as well.  They have yet to announce prices for this but it being estimated to fall in the $400-$500 range.  You can preorder tomorrow. 

I support other providers than just the huge corporations offering phone coverage to the big name phones - prepaid or not.  A week later is really not that big of a deal in all honestly.  I know certain Apple fan boys that a week could be the worst sort of torture ever… but that’s something for another day.


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