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iPad Controller Hits Apple Stores


The iPad has quickly become an ideal method of gaming for many individuals. With more developers looking into creating games for the platform, and solid titles such as Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP making big splashes, the iPad can definitely be taken seriously as a gaming device. This is an especially standout market for smaller developers, and it has proven to be a worthy home for plenty of enjoyable games.

But one thing gamers constantly note as the main issue with the iPad is the lack of a traditional analog stick. Tapping the screen for button commands is fine, but with no analog precision, many games end up suffering from less than stellar control. Luckily, it looks like those days may be over, because One Ten Design has just released a comfortable and functional analog stick for Apple's touch screen tablet.

The analog stick, dubbed "Fling" by One Ten Design, can be attached directly onto the iPad using its suction cups. According to the official website, a number of developers have already optimized their titles to get the most out of Fling. Judging from the peripheral's trailer, it looks like a great buy for gamers who don't want to fumble with the iPad's touch screen when trying to play analog-specific titles.

The consensus seems to be that the iPad is a solid gaming platform. And while the controls are good for the most part, the main complaint is that the lack of analog precision can be a detriment at times. It looks like Fling will change all of that for the more serious gamers. You can pick up a single add-on for $20 or the two-pack for $30, which is a bit steep but will likely be worth it for individuals who play a lot of games on their iPads.

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