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iPad 3 March announcement would be 'exciting' for everyone at GDC 2012


Rumors surrounding an early March release for the iPad 3 have been a trending topic of late, leading many to speculate how it could effect already established gaming-related announcements around that same time.  Yesterday, we covered how a March release could affect the upcoming release of Sony's PlayStation Vita in the United States.  While some worried the iPad 3 could steal the spotlight from the PS Vita, Sony remained confident that their product offers enough to not get overshadowed by Apple's next-gen tablet.

Although an actual reveal date for the iPad 3 date hasn't officially been confirmed, the generally reliable All Things D has gone so far to say the iPad 3 will be announced as early as March 7th - which could potentially steal the thunder away from another pretty big game convention: the Game Developers Conference.

If All Things D happens to be right, Apple could be announcing the iPad right in the middle of the Game Developers Conference Week.  And if you're familiar with Apple's history, this is exactly the same thing they did last year with the iPad 2.

While this could overshadow some smaller announcements, GDC General Manager Meggan Scavio doesn't necessarily think it'll direct attention away from the GDC.  It didn't do that last year, according to her.

“Last year the Apple press conference was scheduled almost directly opposite our Nintendo keynote, but in the end it just meant that the press outlets had to cover both. I don't feel that any attention was directed away from GDC,” Scavio said in an interview with IndustryGamers.

In fact, Scavio and the rest of the planning team were actually "flattered" that Apple scheduled their announcement during GDC week last year.

“It showed that they recognize the importance of the game development community," she explained.  She's got a good point.  Despite how many feel about the topic of "casual mobile gaming", it is one of the largest growing trends in the industry - be it cell phones, tablets, or handheld devices. After all, mobile gaming is STILL gaming.  And when it comes down to it, Apple's iPad is one of the best at delivering.

And with the iPad 3, Apple is said to be taking mobile gaming to the next level.  With a rumored 2048 x 1536 resolution, A6 processor, and possibly stereoscopic 3D, the iPad 3 looks to deliver mobile gaming in a way never before seen.  In fact, earlier this month Apple hired Xbox LIVE marketing boss Robin Burrowes to help lead market the App Store - joining former game industry names like Nick Grange and Nintendo's Robert Saunders.  So given Apple's push into the gaming realm, it only makes sense for them to announce the iPad 3 around GDC 2012.

“If they choose to do something again this year, it only creates more excitement for everyone,” Scavio added.  “Ultimately, both GDC and Apple come out ahead when sharing the same week. We each benefit from the attention given to the other. Game and tech press are already in San Francisco covering GDC and Apple certainly brings in business & financial press that might not otherwise attend.”

GDC 2012 is held in San Francisco, where it was rumored Apple would announce the iPad 3 at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center.

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