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iOS Pokemon rip-off costs hundreds of dollars to play


If you're in the market for a retardedly expensive rip-off of Pokemon on your iOS device, you're in luck!(?) Super Monster Bros. by Adventure Time Pocket Free Games is currently available for your mobile gaming pleasure, and it gives you hours and hours of fun for hundreds and hundreds of dollars! Can you say, "Aww, yeah"?

Changing characters will run you $100 in many instances, with a few monsters being cheaper and only requiring that you shell out $50. That's reasonable, right? I mean, come on, microtransactions, you guys!

As far as gameplay is concerned, Super Monster Bros. is pretty much your run-of-the-mill generic 2D platformer rife with shoddy mechanics. Of course, the microtransactions don't end with the character select screen. The actual parts you play through constantly ask you to give the hilariously dishonest developers your money.

Run out of offense? You can purchase 30 more attacks for a dollar (or "one 30 attack item", as the pack is referred to in the game). If your character dies, you're immediately prompted to buy a new "role" so you can receive better stats (or something). You can also purchase 20 lives (or "resurrections") for $100.

As far as the world is concerned, Super Monster Bros. is bright, cheery, and ugly. Some weird-ass backgrounds adorn this wacky land, and enemies consist of everything from random caterpillars to Psyduck and Koffing sprites.

If you've got a hankering for a new Pokemon game, give this one a look-see! Just kidding. Please, never even consider playing this piece of garbage. Unless you're rich and want a good laugh.


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