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iOS hit Tiny Tower overcomes Zynga's plagiarism, sells 10 million


It's a big day for the little guy. In case you weren't aware, Zynga was recently criticized heavily for blatantly copying an idea and basing its game Dream Heights on the exact same design as Tiny Tower, an iOS game by indie developer Nimblebit. The upstart, which consists of three employees, sent a rightfully sarcastic message to Zynga, thanking the company for being a fan of Tiny Tower.

Of course Zynga was going to copy Nimblebit's fine effort. The game is incredibly popular, so the company saw a chance to plagiarize an idea and took it ... even though it bitches and moans and bitches some more (and then bitches even more after that) about games that are inspired by its casual titles. Whatever.

In any case, Nimblebit's Ian Marsh tweeted that Tiny Tower had reached a major milestone. The game has hit 10 million downloads. While Tiny Tower is a free app, gamers can spend real cash on Tower Bux, and with 10 million downloads, it's obvious folks are investing real world clams on the game.

To celebrate this massive goal, Nimblebit is awarding players with 10 Tower Bux. That's pretty sweet, and it goes to show that the developer cares about its fans. Congrats on 10 million downloads, Nimblebit! You fine folks deserve it.

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