Introducing next-gen PlayStation titles Hohokum, Doki-Doki Universe, and CounterSpy

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Sony has rolled out introductions for three upcoming games approved for the PlayStation 4, PS3, and PS Vita. The first two emphasize experimental design, creative expression, and discovery; the last is an action side-scroller set in the Cold War.

Hohokum (pictured) and Doki-Doki Universe will hit all three systems while CounterSpy is only due out for PS3 and Vita.

First, California-based HumaNature Studios founder Greg Johnson — the designer of ToeJam & Earl — unveiled Doki-Doki Universe, which is debuting as a free download that's essentially a trial version of the game, "where players can fly around a universe and take fun personality quizzes." It includes the Doki-Doki Mail messaging app (also free on mobile devices) for cross-platform chat, which animates messages as you type.

The full game is a role-playing game/simulation/interactive story where players control the robot Model QT377665 (Q3 for short), visit planets, and interact with characters in a quest to find more humanity.

Next, co-creator/artist Richard Hogg revealed HoHokum, a new project from Sony Santa Monica and London-based studio Honeyslug. Players control a "technicolor, calligraphic, worm-like, kite-like being."

Hogg wrote, "One of the main aims for Hohokum is to create something where the usual pressures of video games – constantly being told to do things, fearing failure, and being challenged to earn progress – were all absent."

Finally, CounterSpy comes from new San Francisco-based developer Dynamighty. It's an action side-scrolling game where players must foil the plans of two opposing Cold War Superpowers. The graphics are reminiscent of the '50s/'60s era of James Bond and classic Mission: Impossible television series, along with the flair of Hollywood movie poster designer and filmmaker Saul Bass.

"Although CounterSpy is primarily a single-player game, we are working on some interesting ways to let you compete with friends that go a little beyond traditional high scores," wrote lead designer David Nottingham. "We are very eager to talk about more about our cross-platform plans in future updates, including how the PS3 and PS Vita versions can work with the extended gameplay you can get from also downloading and playing on a mobile device."

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