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Interview Reveals Troubles Behind PA Adventures Development


In a surprisingly frank interview with Eurogamer, Hothead director of technology Joel DeYoung explained a bit of the troubles surrounding the development of Penny Arcade Adventures Episodes 1 & 2, troubles that attributed to the cancellation of Episode 3.

Overall, it seemed like it came down to sales, with the previous episodes not being profitable enough to justify a third episode. However DeYoung didn't hold back when it came to some of the troubles they had dealing with Penny Arcade writer Jerry Holkins.

"[Holkins] publicly acknowledged that he had no idea what the volume of work that would be required was.” DeYoung explains. Holkins' took on all writing duties for the game, with PA's other half, Mike Krahulik overseeing art direction.

“And we were working on those games in rapid succession. I think he really struggled to get the volume of text written for Episode 1, and then with Episode 2 coming out so quickly thereafter - it was five-and-a-half months. That was not worked on in parallel, and getting him to deliver that text was, er, frankly quite a struggle."

And it wasn't just about deadlines either, “There were times working with Gabe and Tycho when they were extremely picky about how their stuff was going to be portrayed, and discussions around that could sometimes get heated." he continued.

Still, DeYoung seemed more than grateful for the opportunity to work with Holkins and Krahulik, and ends on a positive note, “Those were fun games to work on and those were great guys to work with, and being our first game holds a special place in our heart.”


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