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Internet Explorer coming to Xbox 360, sources claim


Microsoft could be bringing a modified version of Internet Explorer 9 to the Xbox 360 in an attempt to expand the console's search capabilities.

According to sources close to The Verge, Microsoft is currently testing the new feature which is said to have Kinect functionality as well.

Although the Xbox 360 currently does include Bing voice search, it's results are limited to media only. According to reports, the Internet Explorer browser will let users browse all parts of the web from their Xbox 360.

Like Bing, the Internet Explorer feature is "heavily" integrating Kinect gestures and voice control.  While Kinect support is not mandatory, the browser is said to be tuned for Kinect usage.

As of right now, there's no word on a launch date for Internet Explorer on Xbox, but with E3 happening in less than a month, I'd expect we hear more details from the Microsoft E3 press conference.

[The Verge]


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