Interesting Amazing Spider-Man screenshot reveals new playable character

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Stan Lee: the name itself resonates across the entire comic landscape. The iconic writer whose works have been beloved by thousands revealed earlier this year that he would be doing a cameo for the upcoming web-slinging action game, Amazing Spider-Man. Since then, little has been said by Lee or Activision about his exact role in the game until now.

According to a press release from Activision and Marvel, people who pre-order the game from Amazon will receive a mission where players don the sexy, stock-broker-like mustache and glasses of Stan “The Man” Lee in an effort to “collect pages of his latest script in a spectacular race around Manhattan.” Activision, who unveiled a screenshot of the pre-order incentive (see below), added that Lee's character will be able to swing from Manhattan's tallest towers in, you guessed it, a black suit. 

The thought of swinging through New York as one of comic industry's best does sound thrilling, but I've come up with a few concerns. What if he misses a swing and get his suit dirty? Where is his web coming from? Will he ever get sweaty "collecting pages?" I guess we will just have to wait and see this excellent upcoming cameo. 

Source: [OXM]

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