Interactive Achievement Awards nominees announced

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Most gamers know that for the definitive word on achievement in video games, you need look no further than Spike TVs VGAs, an event hosted star-studded lineup of people who really know nothing about the industry, all of whom are there for the free alcohol and gift bags.

Anyhow, if you want a bit more prestige in your awards show, then perhaps the Academy Of Interactive Arts & Sciences' Annual Interactive Achievement Awards are more your style, especially if you like events with really long titles. Comedian and gamer Jay Mohr will be hosting the event February 9th at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, with GameSpot providing live streaming feed of the awards. 

Of course, for those of us who can't make it up to Vegas to get drunk with notable industry personalities, its the nominations which are most exciting. Some of the more notable nominations include Bastion for "Outstanding Achievement in Story" and "Outstanding Innovation in Gaming," the downloadable title squaring off against juggernauts like L.A. Noire and Skylanders. Dark Souls earns a nomination for RPG of the Year, the only Japanese-developed RPG to be nominated, though it seems likely that Skyrim has it beat. King of Fighters XIII manages to sneak in a nomination for "Fighting Game of the Year," while Capcom's Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective actually managed to make it onto the ballot for "Handheld Game of the Year" purely on the basis of write-in nominations.

Meanwhile, the academy's nominations for Game of the Year are exactly the same as Spike's were: Batman, Zelda, Uncharted, Skyrim and Portal. Spike gave it to Skyrim, but it's possible the academy could throw a curveball, all five games fantastic in their own right. We'll be watching for the winners come February, will you?

[Full list of nominees (PDF)]

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