Instant Civil War, just add water

It was Guns N’ Roses who asked “what’s so civil about war anyway” and an episode of Seinfeld that claimed that War and Peace was original titled “War, What is it Good For.”  Then it was Edwinn Starr who informed me that it is good for absolutely nothing (good god yall).  What I’m clearly getting at here, is that American Civil War was a pretty tragic event and not even those folk obsessed with reenacting it would want a repeat of it.  With all that said, yesterday I was presented with this photo via a coworker:

Civil War

I stared at this picture for a solid minute.  I think the first thing I muttered was “dafuq?”  Were they seeds that would start another Civil War?  Were they pills that would transform me into Lee?  I… just don't... 

After zooming in on the picture and doing some good’ole Google researching. I learned that they are capsules that when dropped into warm water dissolves into little Civil War figures – similar to the classic green army men.  The quote on the package is “Drop capsule in warm / hot water and watch CIVIL WAR appear.”  Even knowing the truth, that sounds pretty damn terrifying, ‘watch Civil War appear.’  No one wants that.

The back reads “Fun * Educational * Entertaining.”  Civil War isn’t for children under 5 (in case you were wondering).  As a historian… I want this for my room.  Plus, you know, if I ever get desperate to watch Civil War appear, I’m never far from warm water.

At least it's not toxic.        


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