Installing Doom 3 on Xbox 360 won't let you play Doom and Doom 2

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Ya know, Bethesda is quite the generous publisher. Rather than forcing you to install Doom 3: BFG Edition on your Xbox 360 console, the company has decided to allow you to save that HDD space, utilizing quite the innovative technique for such a storage-friendly practice.

Apparently, installing Doom 3: BFG will not allow you to play either Doom or Doom 2 directly from the disc. This isn't some bug that needs patching up, though. According to Bethesda, the existence of Doom and Doom 2 on the Xbox Live Marketplace would result in files going haywire if players install Doom 3: BFG, which includes the two classic shooters.

"Doom 1 and 2 are the same games that are currently available on Xbox Live," the publisher told Joystiq. "Installing Doom BFG files to the system's hard drive could cause a conflict with the existing XBLA game files. Players should not see a performance advantage by installing Doom 3, so we recommend not installing the game to the Xbox HDD."

If you decide to forgo Bethesda's kind HDD conscious effort and and install Doom 3: BFG on your Xbox 360, you can still access the first two Doom titles under the "My Games" section. Yay for saving HDD space ...?


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