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Insomniac Click Born, Will Make Mobile and Web Games


The social gaming wagon has yet another rider. Last week, Harrison Ford joined, and now it's Insomniac Games' turn with a new studio: Insomniac Click. The folks behind Ratchet & Clank and Resistance opened the division due to their passion for mobile gaming, not because they're "selling out." There are no details on what's coming or when, but the five-member team has provided healthy promises and announcements.

Ranging from mutually enjoyable social interaction to "easy to learn, hard to master," the studio's motto doesn't sound like your standard approach to the typical mobile/web game. "Insomniac Click is an expansion of the company rather than a shift," said Brian Hastings, chief creative officer at Insomniac. "This is something we’re passionate about; it’s also a pragmatic necessity. The gaming landscape is changing faster now than at any time in the industry’s existence [...] But with this change comes some of the most exciting challenges and opportunities we’ve ever had."

Don't think that this "expansion" will trouble the already established Insomniac team, though. The Click team has been hand-picked specifically for the job, so there's going to be no disruption from the Californian studio. The focus on making a Facebook game different from the millions of others is interesting, and it gives hope that not all future social games will be about sharing items with friends, but will rather have a more defined purpose, like genuine character development rather than gifts and fashion.

There's a huge document written in typical Insomniac style that addresses a handful of subjects—including what a game actually is—and the full list of promises on why Insomniac Click will be different from other social gaming devs. Read it here.

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