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Insomniac thinks Sunset Overdrive has 'the best' arsenal of weapons they've ever created

Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive will feature many unique and interesting weapons. After all, that's what developer Insomniac Games excels at. From Ratchet & Clank to Resistance, the developer has introduced us to many fascinating weapons. But Sunset Overdrive will apparently trump them all.

"At Insomniac, we pride ourselves on making memorable and unique weapons, like the Rhino from Ratchet & Clank or the Bullseye from Resistance," explains Brandon Winfrey. "Weapons are kind of our thing and to us they are characters in themselves. So we set the bar pretty high for ourselves going into Sunset [Overdrive] and we want to create the best arsenal we've ever done. And we think we did."

So in today's episode of Sunset TV, Insomniac Games' weekly video series discussing various aspects of Sunset Overdrive, Winfrey introduces us to two of the many interesting weapons the game has to offer: the High Fidelity and the TNTeddy.

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