Insomniac: Sunset Overdrive will remain an Xbox One exclusive and no petition will change that

Sunset Overdrive Screenshot - E3 2013 Microsoft Press Conference Trailer

Sorry PlayStation 4 fans, Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive will remain just that. Regardless of any petition you sign, Insomniac Games' intriguing new title will only be available on Microsoft's system.

The confirmation comes from Insomniac's community web developer Tim Salvitti who wrote on the studio's forums, "Sunset Overdrive is and will be exclusive to the Xbox One."

Salvitti's message was in response to a fan posting a link to a petition to get Sunset Overdrive on PlayStation 4.

"Petitions will not change that," Salvitti wrote. "We have a partner in Microsoft, that we are happy with for this title. That doesn't mean we can't and won't work with other publishers (see Into the Nexus).

"We realize not everyone is happy it's exclusive. We hope the game speaks for itself though and the console becomes a nonissue," he concluded.

The link was removed and the thread was locked immediately after as a stamp of confirmation. The good news is that Sunset Overdrive isn't a launch title, giving those opting for a PS4 at launch plenty of time to save up for an Xbox One for when the game does release.

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