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Insomniac: Sunset Overdrive is a more mature title for people who grew up on Insomniac Games


Sunset Overdrive milestones a number of changes for Insomniac: their first Xbox-exclusive, their first new-gen title and a new approach to adult content not seen in their other series. The team behind the project, composed primarily of Resistance 3 makers, has made these points central for the new game.

“From our initial pitch, we said, ‘Sunset Overdrive is a game for people who grew up on Insomniac Games,’” creative director Marcus Smith told GameRevolution. “The intent was to bring the humor to a more adult audience and satirize modern culture."

After spending so long in the dreary atmosphere of Resistance, the team was ready to have some “fun in the end-times” with Sunset.

“We didn’t want to see monochromatic palettes and rubble,” Smith continued, “because that’s the opposite feeling. We wanted to create a world that was inviting and instilled a sense of delight — not something that you plod through and worry about what’s behind every corner.

“It’s all about player experience and in the case of Sunset Overdrive, the experience we wanted to create was vibrant and full of life.”

Sunset Overdrive will hit Xbox One October 28. For more on the game, check out our hands-on preview.


Austin Wood
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