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Insomniac shares more details on Sunset Overdrive in new gameplay trailer

Sunset Overdrive will have online co-op

If your hunger for Sunset Overdrive wasn't quite satisfied with the reveal last week, Insomniac has released a new video with even more info and some new footage.

I still crack up every time I see the main character respawn. Aside from the kinetic gameplay, that's probably my favorite feature.

CEO and co-founder of Insomniac, Ted Price, Game Director, Drew Murray and Creative Director, Marcus Smith, share more information about the game. The one thing that seems to be emphasized each time I hear more about the game, is the importance of movement and fluidity. "This isn't a cover shooter," is something that's said quite a few times, and Insomniac wants that to sink in.

Watching the video, it's clear the game will be relying on fast paced movement around the city, here's to hoping it actually plays well too.

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