Insomniac confirms no more Resistance titles planned

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Resistance stands out as one of the Playstation 3's better exclusives, a trio of extremely polished first person shooters that eschew the tired Modern Warfare set pieces in favor of burnt-out battlefields swarming with aliens. Unfortunately though, it seems developers Insomniac Games are looking for a new IP to focus their efforts on, with CEO Ted Price confirming that Resistance has been set on the back burner. 

We won’t be making any more Resistances,” Price told VG247 in a recent interview.

Huh, usually you'd expect some sort of follow-up to that statement. Something about the strength of the series being important to Insomniac but how they want to try new things. Let me recheck that article... wow, that's really it. Guess Price is too eager to talk about their new 4-player co-op title Overstrike.

Poor Resistance. A great game which never got the respect it deserved, even from it's own company's CEO!

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