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Inside and Limbo developer teases brand new game

Looks to be some sort of sci-fi/space game...

Inside and Limbo developer teases brand new game

Developer Playdead took a long time to make their second game, Inside. They took about 6 years between Limbo and Inside, and we aren't entirely sure why it took so long! Despite it taking so long, both games were critically acclaimed and have created tons of deep discussion regarding their meaning and potential connections to each other.

Many were a bit concerned it would take a while to get a new game from the hit indie studio, but it seems it may be closer than we think! Playdead tweeted out what appears to be a screenshot from a moment in their new untitled game which looks more similar to Inside than Limbo.

In the image, we see what appears to be an astronaut dragging a parachute being him/her while an asteroid or meteor falls in the background. Playdead has not revealed the title, date, platforms, or plot at the moment but we can probably expect more details this summer at E3.

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