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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet now on Steam


Back in the summer, Xbox 360 owners were treated to a visually pleasing downloadable game called Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Aside from the fact that the Xbox Live Arcade game's title is really freakin' awesome, it was good to find that its gameplay was also enjoyable.

If you never got the game because you lacked an Xbox 360 but you've been wanting to play it, you'll be glad to know that Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is now on Steam. The game is priced at $14.99, and it features keyboard and mouse support for you PC purists.

In case you've been holding off on buying Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet even though you own an Xbox 360, you may still want to consider the Steam version, because it includes the Shadow Hunters DLC free of charge. Decisions, decisions.

Back in August, we awarded Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet with a great 8/10 score. If the Steam version doesn't have any weird bugs or hitches, we expect it will be just as enjoyable as its console counterpart.


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