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Innovative Special feature in Geo-Political Supreme Ruler 2020

February 1, 2008

Innovative Special feature in Geo-Political Supreme Ruler 2020

Three "Super Sandbox" modes in detail

Paradox Interactive, in cooperation with developer BattleGoat Studios, is pleased to release new details on its upcoming Geo-political strategy game, Supreme Ruler 2020. One of the innovative new features is the wide-open "Super Sandbox" mode, which allows players to take control of nearly any country or region of the world.

Supreme Ruler 2020 will ship with three Super Sandbox maps:

  • "Modern World" is a map that mirrors the world of the near future. Play as the United States, military super-power and economic engine of the world, or play as an emerging African nation, or any one of over 180 independent regions.
  • "Shattered World" represents an alternate future where major nation have crumbled and smaller regions fight for power and influence. Play as an American state, a Canadian Province, or a sub-region of Europe, Russia, or China.
  • "Hot Spots" adds challenges in some of the world's most unstable regions – deal with situations in Kashmir, Palestine, Tibet, Kurdistan, Kosovo, Western China, and more.
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