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Info on the Bosses from The Binding of Isaac


Edmund McMillen has been sharing tidbits of information from his upcoming title, The Binding of Isaac, via his Twitter account. He's also been participating in a handful of interviews where he gives nice, beefy details on the game. In a recent interview with The Reviewcast, McMillen further delved into The Binding of Isaac, this time revealing some very notable info on the game's bosses.

Though The Binding of Isaac only started with six bosses, McMillen quickly added to that number, and there are now a total of 21 boss enemies in the game. Each of these bosses will feature its own attacks and stats, but the developer confirmed that each major enemy will feature randomized attack patterns and stats. This is a pretty sweet feature, and it should keep gamers guessing as they prepare to fight the enemies in The Binding of Isaac.

"There is even a very small chance that the boss you face will be 'special' with mutated stats and drop rare and special items and pickups on top of the normally dropped boss items that are also randomized on top of all of this," explained McMillen. "The goal of the game is to keep things always fresh. Your first 10+ play-throughs, there's a very good chance you will only have seen half of the bosses in the game or less. More bosses unlock as you progress, more levels unlock, more items unlock, and the game becomes more challenging the better and more often you play."

The Binding of Isaac is shaping up to be a very unique and promising roguelike shooter. You can expect a full trailer soon. Be sure to follow Edmund McMillen on Twitter to get the latest details on this indie title. The Binding of Isaac is slated for launch on Steam sometime around mid-September.

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