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Infinite Crisis headed to Open Beta March 14; Green Arrow, Aquaman and Mecha Superman join as new champions

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turbine announced today that the DC Comics MOBA Infinite Crisis will enter Open Beta on Friday, March 14. The Open Beta will allow players to play the new tri-lane map, "Gotham Divided," where two universes collide and players can battle across Gotham City and its Multiverse variant, Gotham by Gaslight.

In addition to the Open Beta announcement, three new champions were announced, complete with profile videos: Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Mecha Superman.

Green Arrow

To atone for his past failings and behavior, Green Arrow took up hood and bow in the name of justice.

Oliver Queen was nothing more than a spoiled socialite… until pirates attacked his extravagant party at sea. Eluding capture he launched a sneak attack but, having shirked archery lessons, was a poor shot. His arrow missed, triggering a pirate’s dead-man switch and killing dozens in the following explosion. Thrown into the ocean, Oliver washed ashore sometime later on to a deserted island, where circumstance forced him to survive with bow and arrow alone. When rescued much later, Oliver committed to making things right and became Green Arrow.

A Marksman armed with bow and a quiver of specialized arrows, Green Arrow aims to gain the upper hand in combat.

  • Adaptable Ammo (Passive)
    • Gains a brief attack speed boost
    • His Ultimate's cooldown is reduced
  • Superfoam Arrows
    • ​Rushes in a target direction
    • Arrow Bonus: Reduces enemy's move speed
    • Superfoam Stance: Grants bonus move speed
  • Ballistic Arrows
    • ​Arrow Bonus: Deals extra attack damage
    • Ballistic Stance: Grants attack penetration
  • Thermite Arrows
    • Arrow Bonus: Basic attack attaches a bomb
    • Thermite Stance: Any target killed by Green Arrow explodes
  • Bullseye
    • ​Available at Level 1
    • Passes through and damages drones until it hits an enemy champion
    • Ballistic Stance: Passes through drones and champions


Child of an Atlantean Queen and lighthouse keeper, Aquaman defends two worlds while feeling at home in neither.

Arthur Curry’s life was forever altered when the media discovered an “Aquaman” from Atlantis living in a coastal town in Maine. This news reached the infamous treasure hunter, Black Manta, whose obsession with Atlantean relics eventually led to the death of Arthur’s father. In his grief, Arthur abandoned the surface and claimed his rightful place as King of Atlantis. After years of squabbling and intrigues, Arthur tired of the court and returned to the surface with his love, Mera, where he protects both worlds, yet feeling at home in neither.

Aquaman is a strong duelist who wields the Atlantean King’s Trident to great effect in combat.

  • Rising Tide (Passive)
    • Gains for a short time after using a skill
    • Next basic attack consumes Rising Tide, dealing power damage and healing Aquaman
  • Trident of the King
    • ​Throws Trident
    • Reveals target by marking with Telepathy
    • Deals power damage based on travel distance
  • Stagger
    • Swipes opponent's feet
    • Deals power damage
    • Knocks opponent down
  • Undertow
    • Rushes through opponents dealing attack damage
    • If at least one target hit, may use a second time within a short window
  • Might of Atlantis
    • ​Based on skill used, unlocks follow-up skills
    • Trident of the King unlocks Surge
    • Stagger unlocks Wrath
    • Undertow unlocks Capsize

Mecha Superman

A fusion of Krypton and Earth technology, Mecha Superman is a massive hero with an even bigger heart.

By connecting a crashed Kryptonian space probe to his family’s enormous agrobot, young Clark Kent created an unexpected new robot. Clark named him KAL and tried teaching him about being human, mostly through an imaginary game called “Superman”. This hero, played by Clark, could right every wrong, yet K.A.L. never understood the game’s purpose. Everything changed when, walking home from school, Clark was killed by a drunk driver. The grief taught K.A.L. why humans dreamed of heroes, and he took on the name and mission of Superman, in honor of the friend he lost.

A massive Enforcer, Mecha Superman fights with metal tonnage able to fissure the very ground and even create earthquakes.

  • Agent of Hope (Passive)
    • ​Gains bonus attack armor, power armor, and health regen
    • Mecha Superman gains 2x health regen when an ally is nearby
  • Drill Attack
    • ​Deals power damage in a line, stunning all targets hit
    • Small environmental objects in the line are destroyed, silencing nearby enemies
  • Sunstone Eruption
    • ​Deal AoE power damage
    • Creates a Sunstone, which is a small EO
    • If another EO is destroyed, nearby enemies are knocked up
  • Fissure
    • ​Creates an impassible wall and two environmental objects
    • Activate the skill a second time to dispell the wall
  • Terraformer
    • ​Activates Agent of Hope for the duration
    • Triggers a local earthquake
    • Deals power damage to nearby enemies

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