Infinite Crisis enters closed beta next week

Infinite Crisis Screenshot - Infinite Crisis - Wonder Woman Multiverse variants

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today that closed beta for Infinite Crisis will begin next week. Players interested in this highly anticipated multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) can head over to the official Infinite Crisis website and sign up for a chance to participate. Closed beta will officially start on Wednesday, May 8.

In conjunction with today's announcement, Infinite Crisis developer Turbine has released new key art highlighting the ‚ÄčMultiverse variants of Wonder Woman. Gameplay for Infinite Crisis is placed in the DC Multiverse, a "world in which familiar DC Comics characters have been reimagined in startling ways." This explains why Wonder Woman has so many appearances in the accompanying image.

Infinite Crisis is due out later this year as a free-to-play PC game. It will feature a deep roster of DC Comics characters clashing in fast-paced, player-versus-player battles.

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