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inFamous: Second Son Review round-up


Last week, Xbox One saw the launch of Titanfall. This week, it's the PlayStation 4's turn with its own exclusive, inFamous: Second Son. These are two vastly different games with equal pressure to become the blockbuster title each platform-holder is desperately hoping for. Titanfall certainly lived up to the hype, becoming the Xbox One system-seller Microsoft envisioned it would be. Can inFamous: Second Son do the same for Sony and PS4?

Below is a round-up of reviews from around the web all focused on one simple question: Is Sucker Punch's open-world action-adventure worthy of the hype it's been getting?

IGN - 8.7/10

"It plays great, and it looks even better, but its advancements also beg it to be held to a higher standard, one that its overall story and morality systems struggle to reach."

Destructoid - 9.5/10

"Second Son is by far the best inFamous yet. If you're a fan of the series, then checking this one out is a no-brainer, and if you're not, consider jumping in with Delsin."

Eurogamer - 7/10

"As pretty and playable as it is, in no sense is inFamous: Second Son a post-Grand Theft Auto 5 open-world game. It's just a tidier, shorter and shinier one."

CVG - 7/10

"As one of the first major first-party releases for PlayStation 4, Second Son leaves a lot to be desired. Disappointingly, it's a game that clearly has one foot still planted firmly in the last-gen. This isn't the InFamous the PS4 deserves, but the one fans need right now."

Gamespot - 8/10

"Second Son is a great game that knows exactly what it is, and sucks you in with its unfiltered fun."

Polygon - 8.5/10

"Second Son is more of the Infamous I already loved last generation, prettier, with more powers and better writing."

Joystiq - 4.5/5

"Second Son is polished and refined enough to make previous series entries feel dated in comparison. It represents a great leap forward both in terms of gameplay and in graphical fidelity, and establishes a high standard for what players can expect from the PlayStation 4."

It's a pretty mixed bag. It may not be all 8s and 9s, but it's some of the best scores a PlayStation 4 exclusive has seen to date. InFamous: Second Son is easily the most anticipated exclusive to release for the AAA-starved PS4 so far and, given the pressure put on it, it looks like it has delivered.

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