inFamous: Second Son day-one patch adds 5 hours of additional content

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Before you boot up inFamous: Second Son tomorrow, you'll first be required to download a 300mb day-one patch. Don't worry, unlike most day-one updates that are merely aimed at fixing bugs discovered after a game has already gone gold, Second Son's patch will add five hours of additional gameplay. Yes, five hours.

The new content, talked about in review documents sent out to media outlets, is part of a "Paper Trailer" side storyline co-developed by Sucker Punch and ARG company 42 Entertainment. It's described as an "innovative online and in-game story arc" that provides additional backstory to the world if Second Son. Through a series of 19 new missions, alongside corresponding "web-based investigations," you'll attempt to discover the full story behind the D.U.P.'s occupation of Seattle. For six weeks, inFamous: Second Son will see new content each week delivered directly via the game and

In addition to the free content, update also includes the Cole's Legacy Content Pack pre-order bonus, as well as tweaks made to the game's difficulty and graphical improvements. Below are the full 1.01 patch notes:

Cole's Legacy Content Pack

  • FREE with pre-order
  • Explore the events immediately following inFAMOUS 2
  • Work with an investigative reporter to understand the source of conduit powers
  • 4 story missions, approximately 1 hour of gameplay

inFAMOUS Paper Trail Storyline

  • FREE bonus missions and exclusive web content
  • Innovative online and in-game story arc co-developed by Sucker Punch and 42 Entertainment
  • Manga and murder, follow the trail of origami doves to discover the full story behind the D.U.P.'s occupation of Seattle.
  • 19 story missions and corresponding web-based investigations, approximately 5 hours of unique gameplay.

Difficulty Balance

  • Normal difficulty has been slightly increased to challenge the player’s mastery of their powers
  • Expert difficulty has been fine-tuned to ensure it is the best experience for skilled gamers
  • Karma progression extended to support longer playtime

Boss Fights

  • The boss fights have been re-tuned for difficulty and fun
  • More dynamic boss behaviors and attacks

Pedestrians and DUPs

  • Engine performance tweaks to allow for more life and activity in the city
  • Increased pedestrian and traffic density and variety
  • Increased pedestrian-related karmic opportunities
  • Post-story enemy activity and D.U.P. raids

Technical Improvements

  • Graphics and performance improvements
  • Fixes for a small number of infrequent blocking bugs
  • PSN integration to support Paper Trail DLC


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