inFamous: Second Son boosts UK PS4 sales by 106%

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The release of inFamous: Second Son last week helped increase PS4 sales by 106 percent in the UK compared with the previous week, a "trusted retail source" told MCV.

That's a larger percentage increase than the Xbox One saw with the release of Titanfall, but since we don't know the actual figures of either it's hard to predict which console actually sold the most units as a result of its respective exclusive.

Last we heard, also from an MCV report, the Xbox One had outsold the PS4 in the UK for the past four weeks; although, the PS4 remained in the lead in terms of overall sales life-to-date. It's believed that the release of Titanfall along with a recent price cut is what led to a boost in Xbox One sales. During Titanfall's launch week, Xbox One sales in the UK rose by 96 percent.

Honestly, the only thing that really matters is worldwide sales for each console years from now. All of these weekly reports are quite annoying if you ask me, but I'll be forced to keep reporting on them.


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