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InFamous: Second Son 'approachable' for series newcomers


Don't worry if you've never played an inFamous game before. Sucker Punch Productions has assured that Second Son, the third installment of the PlayStation exclusive franchise, will be "approachable" for new players.

Speaking to Destructoid, Suck Punch Productions co-founder Chris Zimmerman explained that people who have never played inFamous before are the ones they thought "more than anything about."

"That's why we chose a new hero," Zimmerman explained. "It's not about Cole MacGrath anymore. It's about Delsin Rowe. You don't need to know anything about Cole."

Zimmerman did say that playing past inFamous games would give you a deeper experience in Second Son, but quickly reiterated that the game is "approachable for people who have never played [it]."

"You'll have just as good a time if you have never played an inFamous game before," he said, adding, "Although, I recommend the inFamous games, they're fun to play."

InFamous: Second Son is set to release on March 21 exclusively for PS4. As we reported earlier, there is no demo planned for the game -- a decision that I believe is a mistake.

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