IndieGameStand and Caster give you cartoony third-person shooting for $1

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Developer Elecorn has put its cartoon-like third-person shooter Caster on IndieGameStand for a limited time. The game is available for $1, but you can shell out extra cash to get some rewards.

If you beat the average for Caster (currently $1.46), you'll also get some neat remixed OSTs. Additionally, paying $10 for the game will get you a download of Aztaka and whatever title pops up on IndieGameStand within the next few days.

Caster was praised for its simple yet fun gameplay and interesting power-ups. The game's fully destructive environments were also one of its strong points. For $1, it's certainly worth a look.

Elecorn has chosen the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption as its charity. Ten percent of all proceeds will go to said charity, which is actually pretty darn awesome.


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