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Indie Game Transylvania Should Be Expanded, Ported to DS


Some indie games are a perfect fit for the PC, while others make you wish they were ported over to a console or handheld. Transylvania, a browser-based puzzler, is a perfect example of a game that deserves a spot on the Nintendo DS (or 3DS). Although playing the game for free is awesome, it's the type of puzzle experience that would benefit from being marketed to owners of Nintendo's dual screen portable.

In Transylvania you must help a potato return home after he wrecks his car and finds himself stranded in a creepy land. You never actually control the potato man. Instead, you help him progress by solving environmental puzzles using the mouse. By clicking on keys, you can open locked doors. Hitting levers in a certain order lowers barriers that are blocking your path. And carefully disarming a bomb requires you to point and click on the proper on-screen elements to avoid an untimely death.

Transylvania starts off with teaching you the basics, but it quickly gets more complicated, challenging you to think outside the box. You can probably beat the entire game in about 15 minutes, so don't expect a fully fleshed out experience. Transylvania is incredibly fun while it lasts, and charming to boot.

I doubt it will ever happen, but this title would be great for the DS. The point-and-click puzzles would definitely lend themselves to the handheld's stylus and touch screen, and if expanded with sufficient levels, the game would make a great companion for the Layton-loving crowd. Be sure to check out Transylvania for a few minutes of enjoyable puzzle-solving.

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