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Indie Game One Curious Nightfall Has Beautiful Imagery, Sound


Something worth appreciating in the independent game realm is the level of artistry that many of these developers approach their works with. One Curious Nightfall is a side-scrolling platformer about a girl who finds a pouch dropped by a royal bird. As she sets out on a journey to return the pouch to its owner, gamers are invited to witness the beautiful, chill-inducing experience.

One Curious Nightfall is a straightforward game. In terms of mechanics, it consists of simple platforming. But this game isn't about gameplay. One Curious Nightfall is about telling a story through images and doing a damn good job of it.

Created by animator Matthew Cangelosi, this adventure is worth playing mainly for its gorgeous imagery and sound. Each of the game's areas features vivid art and amazing design, and it is complimented with a stellar soundtrack by Flashygoodness. A few glitches arise during the platforming sections, and the game is only about five to eight minutes in length, but it's a great showing of dedication and hard work. Gamers who want to check out some stunning visuals should definitely play the game.

With its enjoyable soundtrack, impressive art style, and charming story, One Curious Nightfall is a perfect blend of aesthetics and narrative. Be sure to download the game for free if you're interested. It may not be some action-packed quest for revenge, but One Curious Nightfall is a soothing experience.

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