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Indie Game Great Paper Adventure Features Shooting, Cool Art


Indie games often explore older gameplay formulas. Plenty of titles from independent developers hark back to the 8-bit and 16-bit eras, when games were simpler but just as enjoyable as some of today's hottest titles. The Great Paper Adventure goes old school with its design, offering a fun 2D shoot 'em up experience that's both challenging and frantic.

What makes The Great Paper Adventure stand out among its kin are its visuals. Everything looks as though it has been hand-drawn on a piece of paper, creating a style that's solid without compromising the specs of low-power graphics cards. You'll encounter cows, aliens, and Mexican charros during your adventure, making for some great enemy and level variety.

The music in the game is also enjoyable, and fans of chiptunes are sure to dig the soundtrack. Thankfully, the game comes with gamepad support, so if you'd rather plug in your Xbox 360 controller instead of fumbling with the direction keys on your computer keyboard, you can do just that. The game controls well either way, but traditional controllers are much better suited for this type of game.

You can download The Great Paper Adventure for free on the game's site, and if you're feeling generous, be sure to drop a few coins in The Great Team's piggy bank. Hard efforts like this should definitely be rewarded. The game is also slated for release on the iPad and Xbox Live Indie Games as soon as some kinks in the system are worked out. Watch for those forthcoming releases, or play the game now right on your PC.

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