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Indie Royale's June bundle includes PixelJunk Eden and Noitu Love 2

June Bug Bundle

This month's offering from Indie Royale features four indie games and two bonuses.

The June Bug Bundle contains Q-Games' platformer PixelJunk Eden, the enhanced PC version of Magical Time Bean's Escape Goat, the music game Auditorium, and Joakim Sandberg's side-scroller Noitu Love 2: Devolution.

Also packaged with the bundle is an alpha preview of Sandberg's upcoming Iconoclasts game for PC. And anyone who pays at least $7 will receive 8 Bit Weapon's 18-track album "Bits with Byte."

Customers can, as usual, pay more than the minimum price to lower the cost for others. Six days remain on the deal.

Indie Royale recently announced their Collection rewards program for frequent buyers.

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