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Indie game Splice features puzzles, excellent music


Developer Cipher Prime gained a strong following after the release of Auditorium, its music-based puzzler that relied heavily on artistic sights and sounds. Music and visuals literally drove that experience forward, and it looks like Cipher Prime is looking to do it all again with Splice.

The game just launched on Steam two days ago, and it is currently priced at $9.99. The soundtrack, which you can listen to on Bandcamp, is available for $4.99, and it's quite dreamy. The whole thing is a beautifully melodic composition of piano themes, and it sounds incredibly gripping. Alternatively, you can snag a game-and-soundtrack bundle for $12.99, which is a great value.

It's hard to describe Splice at the moment, because I have yet to play it. I will, however, be spending a great deal of time with it over the weekend, so expect a review right here on GameZone. From what Cipher Prime has said about Splice, the game will push players to experiment and explore within its microscopic world.

Experimentation seems to be the main theme in Splice, as Cipher Prime co-founder stated, "In creating the game, we wanted to come up with a design based on simulations, where the player can tinker around with a structure at the beginning, fast forward to the end and see how it came out, then head back at any point in time and mess around with it."

Sounds exciting, and I can't wait to dig into the game.

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