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Indie Gala: Pay what you want, help folks with disabilities


As a gamer, I can't deny that I take some things for granted. Hell, I take a lot for granted. Not only do I have this never-ending hunger for new titles, but I never really think about how much I'm actually able to do as I play video games.

The Indie Gala is for gamers who want to give a little something back while getting some cool games in return. Like the Humble Indie Bundle, the Indie Gala allows you to pay what you want for a collection of independently developed games. You can split your payment between the devs, charity, or the Indie Gala folks.

For $1 you can snag titles including Beat Hazard and Razor2: Hidden Skies. $3.99 will also get you Space Empires IV Deluxe, Bad Rats: Rats Revenge, and a couple of others. Last, if you pay more than $5.99, you'll get Puzzle Kingdoms and Ninja Blade 2 among others.

The coolest thing about the Indie Gala, however, isn't the fact that you're getting so many games for such a small fee. The best and most rewarding thing about this special deal is that you're helping gamers with disabilities get in on the fun, too. The Indie Gala and AbleGamers have partnered up to ensure that proceeds go to games for kids and adults with disabilities, as well as war veterans who suffer from war trauma, to play and enjoy. It really is the kind of thing that should get you feeling all warm and fuzzy.

So if you've got some spare cash, want to play some cool games for cheap, and want to help people who really need support, check out the Indie Gala.

[The Indie Gala]

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