Incredipede day one Steam sales surpassed previous four months combined

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Colin Northway of Northway Games shed some light on the sales of Incredipede, which just recently landed on Steam. It turns out the colorful indie puzzler wasn't an instant hit when it first launched. Since hitting Steam, however, things have changed considerably, and Incredipede managed to sell more during its first day on the popular digital download site than in the past four months combined.

"It's really good," Northway told Joystiq. "I mean, it wasn't good for the four months, but it was good for the one day. And now it's doing well. It didn't just drop off to nothing. It's not going to make us rich, but we're actually going to get paid for the work we did. We have enough money to make another game."

It's good to see such an entertaining indie title doing well. It's also exciting to think that Northway now has the funds to work on a new project. Here's hoping it's as pretty and inventive as Incredipede.


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