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Incognita enters beta in a month or so


Klei Entertainment's new turn-based isometric game, Incognita, begins beta in a month or two, according to the developer in a livestream on today.

The company announced the title earlier this month and demonstrated an early prototype this afternoon over video. Klei recently made games such as the survival and stealth-themed Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja, respectively. This one tries out the tactical-espionage genre. The goal is to gain information and conceal it from the enemy.

Designers James Lantz and Jason Dreger walked through a procedurally generated stage, commanding a team of three as the Operator. Teams can have as many as six members, and while you can finish without the full force, deaths are permanent.

Every space movement or key action makes an alarm tick up. "The building itself is hunting you," said Dreger. At level 20, a group of Enforcers will start their pursuit, forcing you to work faster while still being cautious.

"We're expecting you to lose a lot ... to restart a lot," said Lantz.

Players can also bring up the "mainframe" to view information about CPU servers, security cameras, safes, and more. Accessing them allows you to see more of the floor or hack computers to gain upgrades, for example.

Incognita is scheduled to release on PC (with other platform releases, such as Mac and Linux, under consideration) in 2014.

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