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Inafune's Offer To Continue Work On Mega Man Legends 3 Refused By Capcom


I know many of you are still upset over the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3. I know our staff member, Vito Gesualdi, is still mourning the death of his beloved Mega Man. Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man, left Capcom to pursue other projects outside of the company. With that decision, came the death of many great projects like Mega Man Legends 3. But Inafune isn't to blame for this. In an interview with, Inafume revealed that he tried to work with Capcom in order to continue the projects he had already started after his planned departure, but Capcom refused his offer.

Inafune recounts his departure from Capcom, " I told them that I was going to found my own independent company and leave Capcom. However, I stated that I was ready to make a contract with them so that I could keep working on those projects that I started. I couldn’t start making contracts with other publishers for sure if Capcom agreed to the proposition, but I wanted to see those projects that I started to completion. But it couldn’t be done. They answered, ‘We have no need to do that.’"

Inafune continues in the interview, "I wanted to leave Capcom to recharge my energy, and support Capcom from there, but it seems they don’t allow it. I want to make all my effort to keep Legends 3 alive, but I’m really not sure I can do it.”

I'm sure, right now, Vito is in a dark corner crying at the death of his precious Mega Man. It seems like Inafune is still open to working on the project, but Capcom doesn't seem too keen on the idea.

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