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In what way will the Dead Space movie be terrifying?


It looks like Electronic Arts will be turning on a Marker. The survival horror title Dead Space is getting a film adaptation, announced at Comic Con. Screenwriter Justin Marks (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li) is working on a script for the film adaptation while Neal Moritz (I Am Legend) will co-produce the film.

Marks was even quoted saying the film will not be purely accurate to the game in an attempt to make something more original. "You would be making 'Event Horizon' or 'Alien'. I've already seen that movie."

Here’s the thing. I love the Dead Space franchise, I do. With that said, I’m very hesitant about video game movies. There is a cool story going on in Dead Space, Isaac is awesome, Necromorphs are terrifying, and the animated films weren’t that bad.  I have faith, not Unitology type faith, that it has potential. As long as the Necromorphs are the scariest part of the game and not the film itself, I’d watch it. 

Here's hoping.

[Gamespot via Variety]  

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