In LA? Go to the Lollipop Chainsaw event in West Hollywood tonight

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Tomorrow is officially Lollipop Chainsaw day, and I simply couldn't be more stoked. As a huge fan of Suda51, I tend to get pretty excited whenever developer Grasshopper Manufacture releases a new game. Last year it was Shadows of the Damned, and this year it's a slightly more colorful yet still totally badass title.

If you're in the Los Angeles area and you like cool things, you should definitely head on over to West Hollywood. Why? Because there's totally a GameStop store over there that's hosting a sweet Lollipop Chainsaw midnight launch event.

There are going to be snacks and stuff, but all you really need to care about is the line-up of awesome people you'll get the chance to meet. The very lovely Jessica Nigri will be there, as will writer James Gunn. Additionally, Tara Strong (the voice of Juliet), Sean Gunn (Swan), and Little Jimmy Urine (Zed) will also be there. So yeah, the snacks are a nice addition to what is an all-star cast of kick-ass people you'll get to meet and take pictures with.

If you do plan on going, you can find all the necessary info on the flyer above. Remember, the launch is tonight at midnight. There will be a dress-up contest to crown the best zombie or cheerleader, and you'll even get to play Lollipop Chainsaw in a badass school bus. Sounds like a good time to me!

For more Lollipop Chainsaw awesomeness, check out my interview with Suda51 from E3!

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