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In case you STILL don't own it, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition gets a boxed release


By now, I would imagine that most gamers have a version of Minecraft, whether on iOS, Android, PC or Xbox 360. I mean, the game has sold above 19 million copies across all platforms. So if you haven't bought it yet and are the proud owner of an Xbox 360, you can buy Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition in boxed, physical form for the first time on June 28th. 

Since its launch on Xbox LIVE Arcade last year, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has been a huge success. It continually tops the LIVE activity every week for arcade titles, and is usually in the top two spots for all Xbox LIVE titles. In eight months, the Xbox 360 Edition has sold more than five million copies, and holds the title of best-selling Xbox LIVE Arcade game ever. #thepowerofNotch

If you're wondering what's different between the new boxed copies of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and its downloadable brethren, the answer is nothing. The boxed copies will come with a free 48-hour subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold, but everything else is the same as the downloadable version. At least now gamers without an internet connection can bask in the glory of this great game. 

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