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In AdventurOS your computer’s drives determine the castle's layout


If there is a movement to make RPG/Metroidvania games more pronounced, I’m all for it. I simply can’t get enough of this genre. Right now and for the next fourteen days, you can back AdventurOS on Indiegogo. AdventurOS is this extremely unique Metroidvania titles that truly believes in random and customizable levels.     

Here’s the thing, AdventurOS literally uses the drives of your computer as the blueprints the forge the castle you’ll be playing in. Folders become rooms, and what are in those folders determines what’s in those rooms or if there is even an adjoining room. For example, another folder could be a doorway to another room, a “.txt” file could be a specific NPC, a “.xls” could be an enemy snake, and a “.zip.” could be some sort of treasure. Even the names of these files determine what they are and what the environment will be like.

This game uses your computer data to generate your gameplay experience – pretty nuts, pretty awesome. For a better understanding, watch the video below. If you like what you see, support the project

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