IllumiRoom technology might be used for Xbox 720

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Remember when Virtual Reality helmets were all the rage back in the mid 90s. Hell, even Nintendo tried to ride the popularity train with their terrible Virtual Boy. Looks like Microsoft wants to start this back up with IllumiRoom.

Partnering with Samsung, Microsoft wants to immerse your living room with imagery straight out of your TV. That means objects, gunshots, explosions or even entire level layouts would expand past your TV onto anything outside of it. Honestly, it looks incredibly headache inducing. Not to mention the furniture around the TV makes everything look rather... wonky.

It's speculated that this technology could be a part of the new Xbox (Next Xbox, Xbox 720) since last year, documents surfaced which showcased possible new tech for the upcoming console. One of which talked about glasses which would seemingly be used for augmented reality in your living room. This could be the next, glasses-free solution that Samsung might be working with Microsoft to develop.

Either way, it looks very gimmicky. If it comes bundled with the 720 I'll try it out, but as a separate purchase this just seems unnecessary.

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