Ikaruga creator developing new shoot-em-up for PS4, possibly other platforms

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Hiroshi Iuchi, best known as the creator of Ikaruga, GameCube’s finest shoot-em-up and a star of the genre overall, today revealed that he has taken his talents to the new generation and is currently working on a PlayStation 4 downloadable shooter dubbed Ubusana.

Ubusana follows the success of Resogun, an ostensibly arcade-y shooter that proved to be one of PS4’s most enjoyable launch titles, which likely pushed Iuchi to begin development anew. Ikaruga featured a dichromatic mechanic allowing players to switch between a black and white mode to dodge projectiles—so, so many projectiles—of the opposite color, which may in some form appear in Ubusana.

The news comes from Iuchi’s personal blog (translated by Siliconera) which currently only mentions a PS4 version of the game. However, it’s entirely possible the game will release on other platforms—an option that will surely be addressed as Ubusana flies closer to its launch date.

[Iuchi’s Blog via GameInformer]

Austin Wood
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