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IGS Announces New Geo Political Sim "Commander In Chief"

April 9, 2008

IGS Announces New Geo Political Sim "Commander In Chief"

Don’t Wait Until November; June is Your Chance to Become President

IGS (Interactive Gaming Software), a privately funded interactive entertainment publisher, today announced it will release a unique geo-political simulator game titled Commander In Chief. The game, which gives you the opportunity to become a head of state or government and make decisions on its behalf, is currently slated for retail release in the U.S. in Q2 2008 and will be available for $39.99. Published by IGS, Commander In Chief offers a true, realistic, and entertaining simulation of running a country’s government and taking part in economic, military, political, social, cultural, and foreign affairs.

In Commander In Chief, every country in the world is represented with its own unique data of over 400 key values (geographic, climatic, demographic, budgetary, environmental, etc.). Players are able to select the country of their choice and take on the role of the government’s leader. As the country’s leader, the players have a number of actions at their disposal. First, the player has to select a cabinet to oversee individual government services. In addition to specific decisions (changing tax rates, firing a minister, etc.), the player can also negotiate with labor groups, sign business or military contracts with partner countries, and participate in decision-making at international organizations. The game offers single player mode and a multiplayer "Wargame" mode.

"With the heightened political interests in the U.S., anyone will now be able to develop their own exit strategy for Iraq, reverse the course of the looming economic recession, and attempt to prevent terrorist attacks from Al-Qaeda,” said Louis-Marie Rocques, lead designer at Eversim, the developer of Commander In Chief. "You can put your own political theories into action and see the domestic and international domino effect. Commander In Chief will not only provide endless entertainment, but you’ll probably learn a thing or two about foreign affairs and diplomatic strategy in the process."

"At IGS, we are always looking for titles that offer a completely different and unique experience other than your traditional game and Commander In Chief is a perfect example," said Paul Lombardi, CEO of IGS. "With this being one of the most important election years in history, we are offering the chance to step into the President’s shoes and take on those difficult and influential decisions."

Titled "Mission President" in the French market, the game has already received the top ranking with GFK (an institute that surveys and collects sales on the French PC and console market) and was the best selling title in FNAC stores (the leading chain store for multimedia products in France). Currently, there are over 229 countries and territories represented within the 3D World Map, and more than 50 international organizations including the UN, NATO, OPEC, NAFTA, and the Arab League.

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