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Ignition Entertainment Unleashes Obscure: The Aftermath

March 25, 2008

Ignition Entertainment Unleashes Obscure: The Aftermath

Highly Anticipated Survival Horror Title Now Available at North American Retailers.

Ignition Entertainment Ltd. and co-publisher Playlogic Entertainment today announced that the highly anticipated survival horror game Obscure: The Aftermath is now available in major retailers across North America for Wii ($29.99), PlayStation 2 ($19.99) and PC ($14.99).

Obscure: The Aftermath is a chilling game with creepy imagery – dimly lit hallways, dripping blood, and demonic monsters. It also has an all-new 2-player cooperative action option, and a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack performed by the Boston String Quartet and the Paris Opera Children's Choir. In addition to the game launch, Ignition Entertainment has also released the final installment of its live-action video series depicting the opening scenes from Obscure: The Aftermath. The 10 minute live-action video is the opening scenes of the game’s storyline and ends with a dramatic cliff hanger. The entire video series can be viewed by visiting the official website at

“Obscure: The Aftermath is an amazing title that’s heavily inspired by teen slasher movies. With an onslaught of gruesome images, mind-bending puzzles and an all-new 2-player co-op gameplay mode, this game is not to be missed,” said Ajay Chadha, president of Ignition Entertainment USA. “At this price point you can’t go wrong with adding this frightening tale to your game library. Watch the short film to see where the lines between the game and reality blur - it gives you a great introduction to the game’s storyline while sending a chill up your spine!”

Obscure: The Aftermath, chronicles the survivors from Leafmore High, now enrolled at Fallcreek University where the unsuspecting student body has a new addiction – strange black flowers that have suddenly sprung up all over campus. As the students begin experimenting with the substance they realize there is more to these flowers, turning their bad trips into a horrible reality.

Obscure: The Aftermath is rated ‘M’ for Mature by the ESRB.

Obscure: The Aftermath is published by Ignition Entertainment and Playlogic International N.V. and developed by Hydravision Entertainment for Wii, PlayStation 2 system and PC.

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