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Ignition Entertainment to Release Flipper Critters Into the Wild October 9th

September 12, 2007

Ignition Entertainment to Release Flipper Critters Into the Wild October 9th

Ignition Entertainment Ltd., announced today that Flipper Critters for the Nintendo DS™ will be shipping to stores October 9, 2007. Flipper Critters is complete with cute and curious inhabitants and perilous quests, and offers a fun and engaging spin to “traditional” pinball. The game will hit store shelves at a retail price of $14.99. 

Players are transformed into characters Monkey and Tiger as they travel through the Flipper Critters fantasy world on a mission to fulfill their ultimate goal - saving their friend Bull – or so they think. The Critters progress though each subsequent area of the world by undertaking various challenges and deeds of heroism asked of them by their friends. Each quest takes the furry creatures to a “pinball table” landscaped by mountain valleys, towering castles and even includes a trip to the moon! 

“It’s more than just a pinball game,” states Vicki White, Director of Sales, Ignition Entertainment USA. “Flipper Critters is a cute, challenging and addictive adventure game that happens to use flippers as your interface to move your characters within the world. You don’t have to be a pinball wizard to enjoy this title, as anyone can play.” 

Taking advantage of the DS’ features, the game not only uses the dual screens to show off every aspect of the vibrant, cartoony world, but also incorporates the touch screen to activate switches and ramps. You can also bring a friend into the action through Multi-Card play!  

To take a break form the story driven adventure, Flipper Critters also includes mini-games featuring their favorite characters. These mini-games challenge players to master new skills, such as in the Flying Battle, where players fly a vehicle and throw bananas, furious carrots, bitter lemons and heated melons at opponents to score points. 

Given an ESRB rating of “E” for Everyone, Flipper Critters is an all new and fantastically fun game that is perfect for all ages.

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