IGF 2013 to feature new Excellence in Narrative category

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IGF 2013 is looking to shake things up just a bit in a couple of ways. A new category has been officially announced by chairman Brandon Boyer. This year we'll see the new Excellence in Narrative award given out to any game that manages to meet a handful of criteria.

"We'll be defining this new Excellence in Narrative category in much the same way our sister festival, the Game Developers Choice Awards, does: It's a category to recognize 'innovation, quality, and impressiveness of storytelling in a game, including, but not limited to, scenario, plot construction, story, dialogue, and other major factors,'" explained Boyer.

Additionally, $3,000 will be thrown into the prize pot to go along with the added award category. The last change that is being implemented involves the number of finalists per category. IGF 2013 will mark a return to the previous standard of five finalists for each category.


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